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We are ready to provide the best fiberglass cooling tower made in Iran with German parts. Our cooling towers are using widely in different applications such as Steel, Zinc, Diary, Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power plants and ... Industries.

We also manufacture package type cooling towers for HVAC uses.

Our Fiberglass counter flow Cooling towers made from the best quality materials and we could guaranty the performance for Industrial uses.

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During our career in the cooling tower industry, we collect many references for cooling tower standards, design, and Calculations. As an active company in the cooling tower section in Iran and the Middle East, we decide to share these documents and information to other persons and companies.

CTI standards free download PDF

Free download CTI STD 137 PDF, Fiberglass Pultruded Structural

CTI 152 free download PDF - Structural Design of FRP Components

CTI 128 - Test code for sound measurement PDF Download

CTI WTP-148 Standard - Legionella PDF Download

CTI Standards Code List PDF Free Download

CTI article about documentation and inspection of filed erected cooling tower

CTI article- Fiberglass vs Aluminium fan for cooling tower

Cooling tower free download Book, PDF, Article and training content

One of the best cooling tower books-Cooling tower fundamental by Marley - 117 pages

Introduction to heller cooling tower

ilmed cooling tower fan catalouge

Cooling tower variable speed fan

Cooling Tower Performance and size factor

Basic of aircooled heat exchanger PDF

EVAPCO cooling tower arrangement and layout free download PDF

Introduction to heller cooling tower

Alkaline and acid effect on fiberglass-FRP-GRP

Glass fiber physical and mechanical properties

Once through the cooling system 

Evapco Cooling tower Maintenance Check List

Cooling tower performance in hot and humid condition

Technical Information for cooling towers using recycled water

Evaluation and performance prediction of cooling tower rain zones

Predict Cooling Tower Performance and energy saving

Cooling Water Management Basic Principles and Technology 

Seismic Behavior of Column-supported and Innovative Fixed-base Cooling Towers

Cooling tower electromagnetic anti-scale system

Dry cooling tower VS wet cooling tower PDF

Predict Cooling Tower Performance and energy saving

Eurovent REC 9-12 - Performance Efficiency Standard for Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Euro vent cooling tower standard

Cooling tower Water treatment PDF 

Fans Key to Optimum Cooling-Tower Design 

Vibration Of Cooling Tower Fans article free download


Water condition in cooling towers article -PDF - Free download 

Cooling tower performance test -PDF - Free download 

Once through cooling system Holistic management

Cooling tower performance test PDF

Cooling tower Thermodynamic formula- PDF Free download


Water-Saving District Cooling Plant Design using hybrid systems

Cooling tower performance improvement-Marley-PDF-Free download 

Cooling tower water treatment PDF free download 

Makeup and blowdown water in cooling tower- Cooling Water Problems and Solutions

A hybrid cooling tower for power plants

Air cooler Vs Cooling tower

Free Download Introduction to Thermal design of cooling tower -106 pages Ebook PDF

Cooling Tower Thermal Design PDF Free Download 

CTI WTP-148 Standard - Legionella PDF Download

Introduction to Range and Approach Temperature in Cooling towers 

CTI Standards Code List PDF Free Download

Hybrid Cooling Tower Introduction Download


CTI 128 - Test code for sound measurement PDF Download

CTI - Inspection, and documentation for field-erected cooling tower PDF Download

The vibration of Cooling Tower Fans PDF Download

Psychometric chart - Sea level PDF Download

ASHRAE Standard for cooling tower PDF Download

CTI Journals free download

Free download PDF CTI Journal 2020- summer

Free download PDF CTI Journal 2020- winter

Cooling tower CTI Journal - summer 2019 - free download PDF

CTI Journal 2018 free download PDF

CTI Journal winter 2017 free download PDF

CTI Journal summer 2017 free download PDF